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New titles - Mar 16, 2012

The history of Bulgaria  / Frederick B Chary.
Futbol  / edited by Ilan Stavans
Encyclopedia of the Black Death  / Joseph P Byrne.
India today  : an encyclopedia of life in the Republic / Arnold P Kaminsky and Roger D. Long, editors.
Beisbol  / edited by Ilan Stavans
The history of Singapore  : Jean E Abshire.
Tuskegee airmen  / Barry M Stentiford.
Saudi Arabia  / Sherifa Zuhur
They eat that?  : a cultural encyclopedia of weird and exotic food from around the world / Jonathan Deutsch, editor and Natalya Murakhver, contributing editor
Brazil today  : an encyclopedia of life in the republic / John J Crocitti, editor ; Monique M. Vallance, contributing editor.
Encyclopedia of right-wing extremism in modern American history  / Stephen E Atkins.
Movies in American history  : an encyclopedia / Philip C DiMare, editor.
The history of Greece  / Elaine Thomopoulos
Border culture  / edited by Ilan Stavans
Mexican-American cuisine  / edited by Ilan Stavans
The history of Ecuador  / George Lauderbaugh
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882  / John Soennichsen
Politics and government in China  / Guoli Liu
The making of modern immigration  : an encyclopedia of people and ideas / Patrick J Hayes, editor.
Cesar Chavez  / edited by Ilan Stavans
Bureau of Indian Affairs  / Donald L Fixico.
Women’s roles in sub-Saharan Africa  / Toyin Falola and Nana Akua Amponsah
Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers movement  / Roger Bruns
The history of China  / David Curtis Wright
Culture and customs of Mali  / Dorothea E Schulz.
Voices of the Asian American and Pacific Islander experience  / Sang Chi and Emily Moberg Robinson, editors
Gold  : a cultural encyclopedia / Shannon L Venable.
Encyclopedia of Asian American folklore and folklife  / Jonathan H X. Lee and Kathleen M. Nadeau, editors.
The history of Iran  / Elton L Daniel.
Legends of American Indian resistance  / Edward J Rielly.
The history of Nicaragua  / Clifford L Staten.
Faces around the world  : a cultural encyclopedia of the human face / Margo DeMello
Wounded Knee Massacre  / Martin Gitlin
Quinceañera  / edited by Ilan Stavans
The history of Thailand  / Patit Paban Mishra
The history of Honduras  / Thomas M Leonard.
Food and famine in the 21st century  / William A Dando, editor.
The history of the Czech Republic and Slovakia  / William M Mahoney.

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