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New titles - Mar 01, 2012

Robertson’s book of firsts : who did what for the first time / Patrick Robertson.
REF AG243 .R553 2011
A guide to the good life : the ancient art of Stoic joy / William B. Irvine.
B528 .I78 2009
Driving with Plato : the meaning of life’s milestones / Robert Rowland Smith.
BD431 .S59 2011
Witchcraft and magic in the Nordic Middle Ages / Stephen A. Mitchell.
BF1584.S23 M58 2011
The mystery of numbers / Annemarie Schimmel.
BF1623.P9 E55 1993
Internal racism : a psychoanalytic approach to race and difference / M. Fakhry Davids.
BF575.P9 D375 2011
A companion to Muslim ethics / edited by Amyn B. Sajoo.
BJ1291 .C65 2010
Saving civility : 52 ways to tame rude, crude, & attitude for a polite planet / Sara Hacala.
BJ1533.C9 H33 2011
Emily Post’s etiquette : manners for a new world.
BJ1853 .P6 2011
Surprised by meaning : science, faith, and how we make sense of things / Alister E. McGrath.
BL240.3 .M45 2011
God’s century : resurgent religion and global politics / Monica Duffy Toft, Daniel Philpott, Timothy Samuel Shah.
BL65.I55 T64 2011
The peace and violence of Judaism : from the Bible to modern Zionism / Robert Eisen.
BM538.P3 E37 2011
Stalking the U-boat : U.S. naval aviation in Europe during World War I / Geoffrey L. Rossano ; foreword by James C. Bradford and Gene Allen Smith.
D589.U6 R66 2010
Evil, barbarism and empire : Britain and abroad, c.1830-2000 / edited by Tom Crook ... [et al.].
DA533 .E95 2011
Germany in the modern world : a new history / Sam A. Mustafa.
DD89 .M87 2011
An introduction to Danish culture / Norman Berdichevsky.
DL109 .B47 2011
Surviving the Bosnian genocide : the women of Srebrenica speak / Selma Leydesdorff ; translated by Kay Richardson.
DR1313.32.S68 L4913 2011
False prophets of peace : liberal Zionism and the struggle for Palestine / Tikva Honig-Parnass.
DS149 .H786 2011
Where China meets India : Burma and the new crossroads of Asia / Thant Myint-U.
DS527.7 .T44 2011
(No cover)The forest : a personal history of the Huk guerilla struggle in the Philippines / by William J. Pomeroy.
DS686.5 .P66 2010
Lost colony : the untold story of China’s first great victory over the West / Tonio Andrade.
DS799.67 .A528 2011
Viewed sideways : writings on culture and style in contemporary Japan / Donald Richie.
DS822.5 .R534 2011
A prophetic peace : Judaism, religion, and politics / Alick Isaacs.
DS87.65 .I83 2011
Bye bye Babylon : Beirut 1975-1979 / by Lamia Ziadé.
DS89.B4 Z53 2012
The literary life of Cairo : one hundred years in the heart of the city / edited and introduced by Samia Mehrez.
DT146 .L58 2011
Kenya : between hope and despair, 1963-2011 / Daniel Branch.
DT433.58 .B73 2011
Islanders : the Pacific in the age of empire / Nicholas Thomas.
DU29 .T47 2010
Masscult and midcult : essays against the American grain / Dwight Macdonald ; edited by John Summers ; introduction by Louis Menand.
E169.12 .M13 2011
U.S. history demystified / Stephanie Muntone..
E178 .M88 2012
How wars end : why we always fight the last battle : a history of American intervention from World War I to Afghanistan / Gideon Rose.
E181 .R677 2010
Great lives from history Jewish Americans / Rafael Medoff, editor.
E184.37 .A137 2011
Horace Greeley and the politics of reform in nineteenth-century America / Mitchell Snay.
E415.9.G8 S63 2011
Sing not war : the lives of Union and Confederate veterans in Gilded Age America / James Marten.
E491 .M14 2011
Hollywood left and right : how movie stars shaped American politics / Steven J. Ross.
E743 .R675 2011
Contemporary America : power, dependency, and globalization since 1980 / M.J. Heale.
E839.5 .H43 2011
Mad as hell : the crisis of the 1970s and the rise of the populist Right / Dominic Sandbrook.
E865 .S26 2011
Red army : the radical network that must be defeated to save America / Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott.
E907 .K54 2011
(No cover)Obama in office / edited by James A. Thurber.
E908 .O33 2011
Toward the setting sun : John Ross, the Cherokees, and the Trail of Tears / Brian Hicks.
E99.C5 H62 2011
Racism and discourse in Latin America / edited by Teun A. van Dijk ; translated from the Spanish by Elisa Barquin and Alexandra Hibbett.
F1419.A1 R32513 2009
Exploring Maya ritual caves : dark secrets from the Maya underworld / Stanislav Chladek.
F1435.3.R56 C47 2011
National geographic collegiate atlas of the world.
G1021 .N392 2011
Explaining human actions and environmental changes / Andrew P. Vayda.
GF51 .V36 2009
The artificial ape : how technology changed the course of human evolution / Timothy Taylor.
GN281 .T39 2010
Leaps in the dark : art and the world / Agnes de Mille ; edited by Mindy Aloff.
GV1783 .D43 2011
Howard Cosell : the man, the myth, and the transformation of American sports / Mark Ribowsky.
GV742.42.C67 R53 2012
Pool techniques and tricks / Pierre Morin.
GV891 .M67313 2011
Football : the math of the game / by Shane Frederick.
GV950.7 .F735 2012
The birth of capitalism : a twenty-first-century perspective / Henry Heller.
HB501 .H439 2011
Erasing the invisible hand : essays on an elusive and misused concept in economics /c Warren J. Samuels ; with the assistance of Marianne F. Johnson and William H. Perry.
HB95 .S27 2011
Keynes Hayek : the clash that defined modern economics / Nicholas Wapshott.
HB95 .W25 2011
China as the workshop of the world : an analysis at the national and industry level of China in the international division of labor / Yuning Gao.
HC427.95 .G366 2012
China and the global economy in the 21st century / John Saee.
HC427.95 .S24 2011
Japan in the age of globalization / edited by Carin Holroyd and Ken Coates.
HC462.95 .J35556 2011
Scarcity and frontiers : how economies have developed through natural resource exploitation / Edward B. Barbier.
HD1411 .B247 2011
(No cover)Multinational enterprises and innovation : regional learning in networks / Martin Heidenreich ... [et al.].
HD2755.5 .M834285 2012
The embedded firm : corporate governance, labor, and finance capitalism / edited by Cynthia A. Williams and Peer Zumbansen.
HD2785 .E493 2011
Asian versus Western management thinking : its cultural-bound nature / Kimio Kase, Alesia Slocum and Ying Ying Zhang.
HD30.19 .K37 2011
Knowledge integration and innovation : critical challenges facing international technology-based firms / edited by Christian Berggren ... [et al.].
HD30.2 .K59 2011
Breakdown and change of private interest governments / Claudius Wagemann.
HD3611 .W34 2012
(No cover)The problem with work : feminism, Marxism, antiwork politics, and postwork imaginaries / Kathi Weeks.
HD4904 .W37 2011
The minimum wage and labor market outcomes / Christopher J. Flinn.
HD4917 .F58 2010
(No cover)Good jobs America : making work better for everyone / Paul Osterman and Beth Shulman.
HD5724 .O764 2011
Building stakeholders relations and CSR : a sensemaking perspective / Barbara Fryzel.
HD60 .F797 2011
Women as transformational leaders : from grassroots to global interests / Michele A. Paludi and Breena E. Coates, editors.
HD6054.3 .W635 2011
Korean women managers and corporate culture : challenging tradition, choosing empowerment, creating change / Jean R. Renshaw.
HD6054.4.K6 R46 2011
The changing paradigm of consulting : adjusting to the fast-paced world / edited by Anthony F. Buono ... [et al.].
HD69.C6 C35 2011
Illicit flirtations : labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo / Rhacel Salazar Parrenas.
HD8728.5.F55 P37 2011
Remaking the North American food system : strategies for sustainability / edited by C. Clare Hinrichs and Thomas A. Lyson.
HD9005 .R46 2007
The town that food saved : how one community found vitality in local food / Ben Hewitt.
HD9008.H37 H49 2009
Inside Coca-Cola : a CEO’s life story of building the world’s most popular brand / Neville Isdell, with David Beasley.
HD9349.S634 C645 2011
The business of champagne / edited by Steve Charters.
HD9385.F82 C433 2012
An introduction to petroleum technology, economics, and politics / James G. Speight.
HD9560.5 .S645 2011
Betting on biotech : innovation and the limits of Asia’s developmental state / Joseph Wong.
HD9999.B443 W66 2011
Business schools under fire : humanistic management education as the way forward / edited by Wolfgang Amann ... [et al.].
HF1106 .B87 2011
Measurement and research methods in international marketing / edited by Marko Sarstedt, Manfred Schwaiger, Charles R. Taylor.
HF1416 .M43 2011
Globalization : a threat to international cooperation and peace? / M. Panic.
HF1418.5 .P364 2011
Brilliant career coach : how to find and follow your dream career / Sophie Rowan.
HF5384 .R69 2011
Management education for integrity : ethically educating tomorrow’s business leaders / edited by Charles Wankel, Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch.
HF5387 .M33425 2011
Marketing strategy in play : questioning to create difference / Mark E. Hill.
HF5415 .H515 2010
From imagination to innovation : new product development for quality of life / A. Coskun Samli.
HF5415.153 .S36 2011
Hispanic marketing : connecting with the new Latino consumer / Felipe Korzenny, Betty Ann Korzenny.
HF5415.33.U6 K67 2012
Amway forever : the amazing story of a global business phenomenon / Kathryn A. Jones.
HF5439.H82 J66 2011
(No cover)Money talks : in therapy, society, and life / edited by Brenda Berger, Stephanie Newman.
HG222.3 .M667 2012
American plastic : boob jobs, credit cards, and our quest for perfection / Laurie Essig.
HG3755.8.U6 E87 2010
Financial centres and international capital flows in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / edited by Laure Quennouelle-Corre, Youssef Cassis.
HG3891 .F558 2011
Measuring corporate default risk / Darrell Duffie.
HG4028.D3 D84 2011
Financial engineering and arbitrage in the financial markets / Robert Dubil.
HG4523 .D83 2011
Financial exchanges : a comparative approach / Francis A Lees.
HG4551 .L347 2012
The case for a carbon tax : getting past our hang-ups to effective climate policy / Shi-Ling Hsu.
HJ5316 .H78 2011
Making sense of social theory : a practical introduction / Charles H. Powers.
HM435 .P69 2010
Imagine a world : pioneering black women sociologists / Delores P. Aldridge.
HM478 .A43 2009
China 2.0 : the transformation of an emerging superpower--and the new opportunities / Marina Yue Zhang with Bruce W. Stening.
HN740.Z9 I5695 2010
Policing pleasure : sex work, policy, and the state in global perspective / edited by Susan Dewey and Patty Kelly.
HQ121 .P65 2011
From beneath the volcano : the story of a Salvadoran campesino and his family / Michael Gorkin and Marta Evelyn Pineda.
HQ1236.5.S2 G67 2011
The culture of teenage mothers / Joanna Gregson.
HQ759.4 .G745 2009
Breaking the adolescent parent cycle : valuing fatherhood and motherhood / Jack C. Westman.
HQ759.64 .W47 2009
Women and slavery in America : a documentary history / edited by Catherine M. Lewis and J. Richard Lewis.
HT1048 .W66 2011
(No cover)West African narratives of slavery : texts from late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Ghana / Sandra E. Greene.
HT1394.G48 G74 2011
Toxic charity : how churches and charities hurt those they help (and how to reverse it) / Robert D. Lupton.
HV530 .L87 2011
Sun struck : 16 infamous murders in the sunshine state / by Robert A. Waters and John T. Waters.
HV6533.F6 W38 2009
The color of night : a young mother, a missing child and a cold-blooded killer / by L.C. Timmerman and John H. Timmerman.
HV6533.M5 T56 2011
In cold pursuit : my hunt for Timothy Krajcir-- the notorious serial killer / by Paul Echols and Christine Byers.
HV6533.M53 E34 2011
Mortal justice : a true story of murder and vindication / by Jeanette Popp and Wanda Evans.
HV6533.T4 P66 2009
(No cover)Gendered justice : intimate partner violence and the criminal justice system / Venessa Garcia and Patrick McManimon.
HV6626 .G36 2011
(No cover)Class, race, gender, and crime : the social realities of justice in America / Gregg Barak, Paul Leighton, and Jeanne Flavin.
HV9950 .B34 2010
What’s the harm? : does legalizing same-sex marriage really harm individuals, families, or society? / edited by Lynn D. Wardle.
KF539 .W53 2008
Forensic science in court : challenges in the twenty-first century / by Donald E. Shelton.
KF9674 .S53 2011
Education as dialogue : its prerequisites and its enemies / Tasos Kazepides.
LB14.7 .K392 2010
The great brain race : how global universities are reshaping the world / Ben Wildavsky.
LB2322.2 .W55 2010
Charter schools and the corporate makeover of public education : what’s at stake? / Michael Fabricant, Michelle Fine ; foreword by Debbie Meier.
LB2806.36 .F34 2012
The highly qualified teacher : what is teacher quality and how do we measure it? / Michael Strong.
LB3051 .S882 2011
The assault on public education : confronting the politics of corporate school reform / edited by William H. Watkins ; foreword by Michael W. Apple.
LC1085.2 .A78 2012
Leading for inclusion : how schools can build on the strengths of all learners / Phyllis Jones, Janice R. Fauske, Judy F. Carr, editors.
LC1201 .L42 2011
The multiracial urban high school : fearing peers and trusting friends / Susan Rakosi Rosenbloom.
LC3731 .R67 2010
The pedagogy of confidence : inspiring high intellectual performance in urban schools / Yvette Jackson ; foreword by Reuven Feuerstein.
LC4091 .J33 2011
The CIA on campus : essays on academic freedom and the national security state / edited by Philip Zwerling.
LC72.2 .C53 2011
Bones : an Alex Delaware novel / Jonathan Kellerman.
LEISURE Kellerman
Peng Ma : abstract ink painting = Ma Peng chou xiang shui mo hua ji / edited with an introduction by Lien Chao.
N6549.M172 A4 2011
Romare Bearden, American modernist / edited by Ruth Fine and Jacqueline Francis.
N6837.B4 R66 2011
(No cover)Vaudou / photographies des oeuvres, Yuji Ono ; [edition, Adeline Pelletier, assistee de Nolwen Lauzanne] = Vodun / works photographed by Yuji Ono ; [editor, Adeline Pelletier, assisted by Nolwen Lauzanne].
NB1910 .V28 2011
Bernini : his life and his Rome / Franco Mormando.
NB623.B5 M67 2011
The animated film encyclopedia : a complete guide to American shorts, features and sequences, 1900-1999 / Graham Webb.
REF NC1766.U5 W44 2011
Mughal and Deccani paintings : Eva and Konrad Seitz collection of Indian miniatures / John Seyller, with introductions and interpretations by Konrad Seitz.
ND1002 .S49 2010
The art of JAMA III : covers and essays from the Journal of the American Medical Association / M. Therese Southgate, senior contributing editor.
ND1145 .S68 2011
(No cover)Thomas Kinkade : the artist in the mall / edited by Alexis L. Boylan.
ND237.K535 T46 2011
Japanese prints : ukiyo-e in Edo, 1700-1900 / Ellis Tinios.
NE1321.8 .T56 2010
10 steps in writing the research paper / Peter T. Markman ... [et al.].
PE1478 .M3 2011
The American Heritage dictionary of the English language.
REF PE1628 .A623 2011
Another sea, another shore : Persian stories of migration / translated and edited by Shouleh Vatanabadi and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami.
PK6449.E7 A56 2004
Next word, better word : the craft of writing poetry / Stephen Dobyns.
PN1059.A9 D63 2011
Mad men : dream come true TV / edited by Gary R. Edgerton.
PN1992.77.M226 M335 2011
The Godfather family album / photographs by Steve Schapiro ; edited by Paul Duncan.
OVERSIZE PN1995.9.G6 S33 2010
Pauline Kael : a life in the dark / Brian Kellow.
PN1998.3.K34 K46 2011
Key concepts in crime fiction / Heather Worthington.
PN3448.D4 W67 2011
The Cambridge companion to gay and lesbian writing / edited by Hugh Stevens.
PN56.H57 C35 2011
Queer times, queer becomings / edited by E. L. McCallum and Mikko Tuhkanen.
PN56.H57 Q46 2011
Oxford treasury of sayings and quotations / edited by Susan Ratcliffe.
REF PN6080 .O945 2011
Thinking with Shakespeare : essays on politics and life / Julia Reinhard Lupton.
PR2976 .L826 2011
Tolkien and the study of his sources : critical essays / edited by Jason Fisher.
PR6039.O32 Z8397 2011
The restoration game / Ken MacLeod.
PR6063.A2515 R47 2011
Heroism in the Harry Potter series / edited by Katrin Berndt and Lena Steveker.
PR6068.O93 Z538 2011
The Routledge companion to Anglophone Caribbean literature / edited by Michael Bucknor and Alison Donnell.
PR9205 .R68 2011
The making of the new negro : black authorship, masculinity, and sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance / Anna Pochmara.
PS153.N5 P63 2011
This is all I choose to tell : history and hybridity in Vietnamese American literature / Isabelle Thuy Pelaud.
PS153.V54 P45 2011
Wright Morris territory : a treasury of work / Wright Morris ; edited by David Madden with Alicia Christensen ; biographical sketch by Joseph J. Wydeven.
PS3525.O7475 A6 2011
Twelve angry men / Reginald Rose ; introduction by David Mamet.
PS3535.O666 T9 2006
Philip K. Dick and philosophy : do androids have kindred spirits? / edited by D.E. Wittkower.
PS3554.I3 Z794 2011
Toni Morrison / Pelagia Goulimari.
PS3563.O8749 Z654 2011
Anya’s ghost / Vera Brosgol.
PZ7.7.B77 Any 2011
Around the world / Matt Phelan.
PZ7.7.P52 Ar 2011
Between shades of gray / Ruta Sepetys.
PZ7.S47957 Be 2011
Tales from Japan / retold by Helen and William McAlpine ; illustrated by Rosamund Fowler.
PZ8.1.M12 Tal 2002
A bee in a cathedral and 99 other scientific analogies / Joel Levy.
Q173 .L48 2011
Multimedia demystified / Jennifer Coleman Dowling.
QA76.75 .D69 2012
Practical handbook for wetland identification and delineation / John Grimson Lyon, Lynn Krise Lyon.
QH104 .L95 2011
Biological invasions : economic and environmental costs of alien plant, animal, and microbe species / edited by David Pimentel.
QH353 .B57 2011
Evolutionary history : uniting history and biology to understand life on Earth / Edmund Russell.
QH366.2 .R88 2011
The science and humanism of Stephen Jay Gould / by Richard York and Brett Clark.
QH366.2 .Y67 2011
Conservation science : balancing the needs of people and nature / Peter Kareiva & Michelle Marvier.
QH75 .K375 2011
Encyclopedia of tropical plants : identification and cultivation of over 3000 tropical plants / Ahmed Fayaz.
REF QK474.5 .F39 2010
Wayside trees of tropical Florida : a guide to the native and exotic trees and palms of Miami and tropical South Florida / David Lee, Stacy West.
REF QK484.F6 L44 2011
Top 100 exotic food plants / Ernest Small.
REF QK98.5.A1 S62 2012
Frogs : the animal answer guide / Mike Dorcas and Whit Gibbons.
QL668.E2 D66 2011
(No cover)Vaccinations and public concern in history : legend, rumor, and risk perception / by Andrea Kitta.
RA638 .K58 2011
North Carolina & the problem of AIDS : advocacy, politics, & race in the South / Stephen Inrig.
RA643.84.N8 I57 2011
Ageless nation : the quest for superlongevity and physical perfection / by Michael G. Zey.
RA776.75 .Z42 2007
Coffee is good for you : from vitamin C and organic foods to low-carb and detox diets, the truth about diet and nutrition claims / Robert J. Davis.
RA784 .D387 2012
Sybil exposed : the extraordinary story behind the famous multiple personality case / Debbie Nathan.
RC569.5.M8 N38 2011
Jaypee’s dental dictionary / Priya Verma Gupta, LC Gupta, Sujata Sarabahi.
RK27 .J38 2011
Vanilla orchids : natural history and cultivation / Ken Cameron.
SB307.V2 C25 2011
Tomatoland : how modern industrial agriculture destroyed our most alluring fruit / Barry Estabrook.
SB349 .E78 2011
The energy problem / Richard S. Stein, Joseph Powers.
TJ808 .S74 2011
Wildlife photographer : a course in creative photography / Chris Gomersall.
TR729.W54 G65 2012
Ready to Print : Handbook for Media Designers / Kristina Nickel.
Z246 .N5313 2011
One click : Jeff Bezos and the rise of / Richard L. Brandt.
Z473.B47 B75 2011

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