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New titles - Mar 11, 2012

Howling at the moon : vampires & werewolves in the New World / by Kim Etingoff.
BF1556 .B45 2011
Fighting the fangs : a guide to vampires and werewolves / by Nicholas Martin.
BF1556 .M343 2011
Pop monsters : the modern-day craze for vampires and werewolves / by Emily Sanna.
BF1556 .S25 2011
The psychology of our dark side : humans’ love affair with vampires & werewolves / by Sheila Stewart.
BF1556 .S79 2011
Witches! : the absolutely true tale of disaster in Salem / by Roaslyn Schanzer.
BF1576 .S33 2011
Ethical intelligence : five principles for untangling your toughest problems at work and beyond / Bruce Weinstein.
BJ1031 .W38 2011
(No cover)Through the storm, through the night : a history of African American Christianity / Paul Harvey.
BR563.N4 H3783 2011
The SS Dirlewanger Brigade : the history of the Black Hunters / Christian Ingrao ; translated from the French by Phoebe Green.
D757.85 .I5413 2011
A small Greek world : networks in the Ancient Mediterranean / Irad Malkin.
DF222.2 .M35 2011
Savonarola : the rise and fall of a Renaissance prophet / Donald Weinstein.
DG737.97 .W43 2011
The Basque country : a cultural history / Paddy Woodworth.
DP302.B46 W75 2008
Korean unification : inevitable challenges / Jacques L. Fuqua Jr.
DS917.444 .F87 2011
It came from the 1950s! : popular culture, popular anxieties / edited by Darryl Jones, Elizabeth McCarthy, and Bernice M. Murphy.
E169.12 .I8 2011
Historical foundations of Black reflective sociology / John H. Stanfield, II.
E184.7 .S695 2011
Fit to serve : reflections on a secret life, private struggle, and public battle to become the first openly gay U.S. ambassador / James C. Hormel and Erin Martin.
E840.8.H667 A3 2011
The Guatemala reader : history, culture, politics / Greg Grandin, Deborah Levenson, and Elizabeth Oglesby, eds.
F1466 .G877 2001
Global Mexican cultural productions / edited by Rosana Blanco-Cano and Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz.
F790.M5 G56 2011
Glued to games : how video games draw us in and hold us spellbound / Scott Rigby and Richard M. Ryan.
GV1469.3 .R55 2011
(No cover)The fruits of graft : great depressions then and now / Wayne Jett.
HB3716 .J48 2011b
Pedagogy of the poor : building the movement to end poverty / Willie Baptist and Jan Rehmann.
HC108.L55 B37 2011
Managerial economics : concepts and principles / Donald N. Stengel.
HD30.22 .S782 2011
Recipe for America : why our food system is broken and what we can do to fix it / Jill Richardson.
HD9005 .R525 2009
Farmer Jane : women changing the way we eat / Temra Costa.
HD9006 .C718 2010
The gospel of sustainability : media and market and LOHAS / Monica M. Emerich.
HF5413 .E47 2011
Senseless panic : how Washington failed America / William M. Isaac with Philip C. Meyer.
HG2152 .I88 2010
A new American tea party : the counterrevolution against bailouts, handouts, reckless spending, and more taxes / John M. O’Hara.
HJ7537 .O43 2010
Smashing the stereotypes : what does it mean to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender? / by Jaime A. Seba.
HQ76 .S43 2011
Statistical timeline and overview of gay life / by Zachary Chastain.
HQ76.25 .C44 2011
My feelings have names / by Sheila Stewart and Rae Simons.
HQ767.9 .S744 2011
Feeling wrong in your own body : understanding what it means to be transgender / by Jaime A. Seba.
HQ77.9 .S43 2011
I live in two homes : adjusting to divorce and remarriage / by Sheila Stewart and Rae Simons.
HQ777.5 .S743 2011
I don’t keep secrets / by Sheila Stewart and Rae Simons.
HQ784.S42 S74 2011
Saving animals from oil spills / by Stephen Person.
CLC HV4708 .P474 2012
Bootleg : murder, moonshine, and the lawless years of prohibition / Karen Blumenthal.
HV5089 .B66 2011
When Daddy hit Mommy / by Sheila Stewart and Rae Simons.
HV6626 .S73 2011
Archaeology of the origin of the state : the theories / Vicente Lull and Rafael Mico ; translated by Peter Smith.
JC11 .L8513 2011
Tocqueville and his America : a darker horizon / Arthur Kaledin.
JC229.T8 K35 2011
Fragile states : causes, costs, and responses : a study prepared by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University (UNU-WIDER) / edited by Wim Naude, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino, and Mark McGillivray.
JC330.2 .F73 2011
Securing liberty : debating issues of terrorism and democratic values in the post-9/11 United States / David Cole, editor.
JC599.U5 S397 2011
Crashing the Tea Party : mass media and the campaign to remake American politics / Paul Street and Anthony DiMaggio.
JK2391.T43 S77 2011
Debating the ethics of immigration : is there a right to exclude? / Christopher Heath Wellman and Phillip Cole.
JV6038 .W45 2011
Women and justice / Sheryl J. Grana.
KF478 .G69 2010
Collaborating for inquiry-based learning : school librarians and teachers partner for student achievement / Virginia L. Wallace and Whitney Norwood Husid.
LB1027.23 .W34 2011
Pursuing digital literacy in compulsory education / edited by Lampros Stergioulas and Helen Drenoyianni.
LB1044.87 .P87 2011
Reading, writing, and the rhetorics of whiteness / Wendy Ryden and Ian Marshall.
LB1576 .R93 2012
Guided research in the middle school : mystery in the media center / LaDawna Harrington ; illustrated by Rachael Harrington.
LB1601 .H37 2011
Increasing effectiveness of the community college financial model : a global perspective for the global economy / edited by Stewart E. Sutin... [et al.].
LB2328 .I625 2011
Transforming classroom culture : inclusive pedagogical practices / edited by Arlene Dallalfar, Esther Kingston-Mann and Tim Sieber.
LB2331 .T725 2011
Classroom assessment for student learning : doing it right -- doing it well / Jan Chappuis ... [et al.].
LB3051 .C555 2012
The politics of education : challenging multiculturalism / edited by Christos Kassimeris and Marios Vryonides.
LC1099 .P635 2012
(No cover)Culture and power in the classroom : educational foundations for the schooling of bicultural students / Antonia Darder ; with a foreword by Sonia Nieto.
LC1099.3 .D37 2012
Teacher’s guide to ADHD / Robert Reid, Joseph Johnson.
LC4713.4 .R386 2012
Social skills success for students with autism/Asperger’s : helping adolescents on the spectrum to fit in / Fred Frankel, Jeffrey J. Wood.
LC4717 .F465 2011
Making inclusion work for students with Autism spectrum disorders : an evidence-based guide / Tristram Smith.
LC4718 .S645 2012
Tango : my childhood, backwards and in high heels / by Justin Vivian Bond.
ML420.B6846 A3 2011
Elvis Presley, reluctant rebel : his life and our times / Glen Jeansonne, David Luhrssen, and Dan Sokolovic.
ML420.P96 J36 2011
Man Ray / Lee Miller : partners in Surrealism / [by] Phillip Prodger with contributions by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan [and] Antony Penrose.
N6537.R3 P76 2011
Alternative and activist new media / Leah A. Lievrouw.
P95.8 .L54 2011
The Iliad / Homer ; translated, with an introduction and notes, by Stephen Mitchell.
PA4025.A2 M57 2011
Dreams and inward journeys : a rhetoric and reader for writers / Marjorie Ford, Jon Ford.
PE1417 .F63 2012
Scientific English : a guide for scientists and other professionals / Robert A. Day and Nancy Sakaduski.
PE1475 .D38 2011
The complete idiot’s guide to getting published / by Sheree Bykofsky and Jennifer Basye Sander.
PN153 .B95 2011
Inside Pee-Wee’s playhouse : the untold, unauthorized, and unpredictable story of a pop phenomenon / Caseen Gaines.
PN1992.77.P379 G35 2011
Sixties shockers : a critical filmography of horror cinema, 1960-1969 / Mark Clark and Bryan Senn ; foreword by Robert Tinnell.
PN1995.9.H6 C513 2011
Feminism at the movies : understanding gender in contemporary popular cinema / edited by Hilary Radner and Rebecca Stringer.
PN1995.9.W6 F453 2011
The passion of the Christ / Neal King.
PN1997.2.P39 K55 2011
Buckley : William F. Buckley Jr. and the rise of American conservatism / Carl T. Bogus.
PN4874.B796 B65 2011
Shakespeare’s festive comedy : a study of dramatic form and its relation to social custom / C. L. Barber ; with a new foreword by Stephen Greenblatt.
PR2981 .B3 2012
Becoming Dickens : the invention of a novelist / Robert Douglas-Fairhurst.
PR4582 .D68 2011
Charles Dickens and the street children of London / by Andrea Warren.
PR4592.L58 W37 2011
(No cover)James Baldwin : America and beyond / edited by Cora Kaplan and Bill Schwarz.
PS3552.A45 Z72358 2011
The angel Esmeralda : nine stories / Don DeLillo.
PS3554.E4425 A84 2011
Every thing on it : poems and drawings / by Shel Silverstein.
CLC PS3569.I47224 E94 2011
Inside out & back again / Thanhha Lai.
PZ7.5.L35 In 2011
Outlaw : a novel / by Stephen Davies.
PZ7.D2845 Out 2011
My name is not easy / Debby Dahl Edwardson.
PZ7.E2657 My 2011
Stay with me / by Paul Griffin.
PZ7.G8813594 St 2011
Wildwood : The Wildwood Chronicles / Colin Meloy ; illustrations by Carson Ellis.
PZ7.M516353 Wi 2011
The Queen of Water / Laura Resau and Maria Virginia Farinango.
PZ7.R2978 Qu 2011
Divergent / Veronica Roth.
PZ7.R7375 Di 2011
Okay for now / by Gary D. Schmidt.
PZ7.S3527 Ok 2011
White crow / Marcus Sedgwick.
PZ7.S4484 Wh 2011
Smells like treasure / by Suzanne Selfors.
PZ7.S456922 Smt 2011
The Scorpio Races / Maggie Stiefvater.
PZ7.S855625 Sc 2011
Daughter of smoke & bone / Laini Taylor.
PZ7.T214826 Dau 2011
A strange wilderness : the lives of the great mathematicians / Amir D. Aczel.
QA21 .A29 2011
Statistical distributions.
QA273.6 .E92 2011
College mathematics : algebra, discrete mathematics, precalculus, calculus / Frank Ayres, Jr., Philip A. Schmidt.
QA37.3 .A973 2010
Models behaving badly : why confusing illusion with reality can lead to disaster, on Wall Street and in life / Emanuel Derman.
QA401 .D37 2011
Migrating to the cloud : Oracle client/server modernization / Tom Laszewski, Prakash Nauduri.
QA76.585 .L38 2012
Professional C++ / Marc Gregoire, Nicholas A. Solter, Scott J. Kleper.
QA76.73.C153 S665 2011
Objective-C fundamentals / Christopher Fairbairn, Johannes Fahrenkrug, Collin Ruffenach.
QA76.73.O115 F35 2012
Head First HTML5 programming : building web apps with Javascript / Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson.
QA76.76.H94 F744 2011
Quantum physics for poets / Leon M. Lederman, Christopher T. Hill.
QC174.12 .L4326 2011
Physics on the fringe : smoke rings, circlons, and alternative theories of everything / Margaret Wertheim.
QC20 .W46 2011
Radiation / James A. Mahaffey.
QC475.25 .M34 2012
Climate and catastrophe in Cuba and the Atlantic world in the age of revolution / Sherry Johnson.
QC987.C8 J64 2011
Biology / George H. Fried and George J. Hademenos ; abridgement editor Katherine E. Cullen.
QH315.5 .F73 2011
At home in your body : care for the shape you’re in / by Rae Simons.
RA776.95 .S585 2011
Getting stronger, getting fit : the importance of exercise / by Jamie Hunt.
RA781 .H796 2011
Bigger isn’t always better : choosing your portions / by Rae Simons.
RA784 .S557 2011
Cookies or carrots? : you are what you eat / by Helen Thompson.
RA784 .T528 2011
I eat when I’m sad : food and feelings / by Rae Simons.
RC552.C65 S474 2011
Does television make you fat? : lifestyle and obesity / by Rae Simons.
RC628 .S6217 2011
Too many Sunday dinners : family and diet / by Rae Simons.
RC628 .S622 2011
Foundations of maternal-newborn nursing / Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney, Trula Myers Gorrie.
RG951 .M87 2002
Pediatric nursing / Mary Ann Cantrell.
RJ245 .C36 2011
Tired of being teased : obesity and others / by Jamie Hunt.
RJ399.C6 H86 2011
Weighted down : when being overweight makes you sick / by Helen Thompson.
RJ399.C6 T56 2011
The truth about diets : what’s right for you? / by Jamie Hunt.
RM222.2 .H857 2011
The crafter’s guide to taking great photos : the best techniques for showcasing your handmade creations / Heidi Adnum.
TR658.5 .A36 2011
The life and death of buildings : on photography and time / Joel Smith.
TR659 .S62 2011

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