Recently Added Items: Social Sciences

Eleanor Roosevelt
The devil in the shape of a woman : witchcraft in colonial New England
Foreign direct investment : theory, eviedence, and practice
Proud shoes : the story of an American family
Living history
The covenant in action
Problems with personnel
This I believe II : the personal philosophies of remarkable men and women
The crusader : the life and tumultuous times of Pat Buchanan
Big girls don't cry : the election that changed everything for American women
Critical survey of mythology and folklore. World mythology
Doughboys on the Great War : how american soldiers viewed their military experience
Classical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps. Volume 1
Issues in U.S. immigration
Religious freedom : Jefferson's legacy, America's creed
Outlaw platoon : heroes, renegades, infidels, and the brotherhood of war in Afghanistan
Daughters of the Samurai : a journey from East to West and back
Naturalists in paradise : Wallace, Bates and Spruce in the Amazon
Introduction to Islam : beliefs and practices in historical perspective
Bourgeois radicals : the NAACP and the struggle for colonial liberation, 1941-1960
The American West (1836-1900)
Let's split! : a complete guide to separatist movements and aspirant nations, from Abkhazia to Zanzibar
Dancing with the devil in the City of God : Rio de Janeiro on the brink
To hell and back : Europe, 1914-1949
African American leadership : a reference guide
The many faces of Herod the Great
The global war on tobacco : mapping the world's first public health treaty
Corruption : a very short introduction
The presidency of George H.W. Bush
Slavish shore : the odyssey of Richard Henry Dana Jr.
Custer's Trials : A Life on the Frontier of a New America.
Near and distant neighbors : a new history of Soviet intelligence
King John : Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England : The Road to Magna Carta
The Vatican prophecies : investigating supernatural signs, apparitions, and miracles in the modern age
The Oxford handbook of the French Revolution
A concise history of Japan
Black America in the shadow of the sixties : notes on the civil rights movement, neoliberalism, and politics
The 1970s (1970-1979)
The Cold War (1945-1991)
Why religions matter
James and Esther Cooper Jackson : love and courage in the Black freedom movement
Map : exploring the world
Restless Empire : a historical atlas of Russia
The firebrand and the First Lady : portrait of a friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice
The fight to vote
Jungle of stone : the true story of two men, their extraordinary journey, and the discovery of the lost civilization of the Maya
The last of the President's men
Paradise now : the story of American Utopianism
A superpower transformed : the remaking of American foreign relations in the 1970s
Samurai and the culture of Japan's great peace
Enduring Truths : Sojourner's shadows and substance
Hell before their very eyes : American soldiers liberate concentration camps in Germany, April 1945
The classroom and the cell : conversations on black life in America
The evolution of atheism : the politics of a modern movement
The other Saudis : Shiism, dissent and sectarianism
Political animals : how our Stone-Age brain gets in the way of smart politics
Republic of spin : an inside history of the American presidency
Birth, sex, and abuse : women's voices under Nazi rule
100 deadly skills : the SEAL operative's guide to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation
Eisenhower's armies : the American-British alliance during World War II
Wolf by the ears : the Missouri crisis, 1819-1821
A doctor in the house : my life with Ben Carson
Midnight in broad daylight : a Japanese American family caught between two worlds
Shays's Rebellion : Authority and Distress in Post-Revolutionary America
Democracy in Africa : successes, failures, and the struggle for political reform
Is bipartisanship dead? : policy agreement and agenda-setting in the House of Representatives
Political order and inequality : their foundations and their consequences for human welfare
When should state secrets stay secret? : accountability, democratic governance, and intelligence
Solutions to political polarization in America
Facing Change : Documenting America
The good news about what's bad for you ... the bad news about what's good for you
Articulating Rapa Nui : Polynesian cultural politics in a Latin American nation-state
A history of the Netherlands : from the sixteenth century to the present day
Everyday Iran : a provincial portrait of the Islamic republic
The Deep State : The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government.
Commander in chief : FDR's battle with Churchill, 1943
Walking the Nile
The First Congress : how James Madison, George Washington, and a group of extraordinary men invented the government
Hitler's forgotten children
Dark money : the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right
Stand your ground : black bodies and the justice of God
You may also like : taste in an age of endless choice
Benazir Bhutto : favored daughter
The year of indecision, 1946 : a tour through the crucible of Harry Truman's America
Churchill : the life : an authorized pictorial biography
A history of modern Oman
Africa and World War II
1941 : fighting the shadow war : a divided America in a world at war
Frederick the Great : King of Prussia
Louisa : the extraordinary life of Mrs. Adams
Putin country : a journey into the real Russia
Washington's monument : and the fascinating history of the obelisk
The polar regions : an environmental history
A passion for leadership : lessons on change and reform from fifty years of public service
The Battle of Agincourt
Question bridge : Black males in America
The Orange Trees of Marrakesh : Ibn Khaldun and the Science of Man
Niue 1774-1974 : 200 years of contact and change
Origins : God, evolution, and the question of the cosmos
Consequence : a memoir
The morning they came for us : dispatches from Syria
The Oxford handbook of Mormonism
A thinking person's guide to America's national parks
Struggling in good faith : LGBTQI inclusion from 13 American religious perspectives
The fires of spring : a post-Arab Spring journey through the turbulent new Middle East
Cleopatra's needles : the lost obelisks of Egypt
The pragmatic superpower : winning the Cold War in the Middle East
A field guide to lies : critical thinking in the information age
Sixteen for '16 : a progressive agenda for a better America
Lost world of the old ones : discoveries in the ancient Southwest
We the people : the modern-day figures who have reshaped and affirmed the Founding Fathers' vision of America
The world of states
Plants have so much to give us, all we have to do is ask : Anishinaabe botanical teachings
Siddhartha's brain : unlocking the ancient science of enlightenment
Between worlds : the travels of Yusuf Khan Kambalposh
A rage for order : the Middle East in turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS
Swansong 1945 : a collective diary of the last days of the Third Reich
The winter fortress : the epic mission to sabotage Hitler's atomic bomb
A captive audience : voices of Japanese American youth in World War II Arkansas
Secondhand time : the last of the Soviets
Why can't I meditate? : how to get your mindfulness practice on track
Family history of fear : a memoir
Dharma delight
Grunt : the curious science of humans at war
New England bound : slavery and colonization in early America
Center Places and Cherokee Towns : Archaeological Perspectives on Native American Architecture and Landscape in the Southern Appalachians
Bone rooms : from scientific racism to human prehistory in museums
Joe Gould's teeth
If you're so smart, why aren't you happy?
The art of creative thinking : 89 ways to see things differently
The fall of heaven : the Pahlavis and the final days of imperial Iran
Red Platoon : a true story of American valor
Missing man : the American spy who vanished in Iran
Explore Rio de Janeiro
Llewellyn's complete book of mindful living : awareness and meditation practices for living in the present moment
Nisei daughter
American women
The Black Calhouns : from Civil War to civil rights with one African American family
But what if we're wrong? : thinking about the present as if it were the past
In his voice : Maurice Blanchot's affair with the neuter
Feeding Manila in peace and war, 1850-1945
A presidential civil service : FDR's Liaison Office for Personnel Management
Viewing the future in the past : historical ecology applications to environmental issues
Raza rising : Chicanos in north Texas
Political strategies in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
The battle for realism : figurative art in Britain during the Cold War, 1945-60
Blue & white : Chinese porcelain around the world
The urgency of a new dawn : prison thoughts and reflections
Provincial soldiers and imperial instability in the Histories of Tacitus
Science and spirituality
Ego sum : corpus, anima, fabula
The Amish : a concise introduction
The press and slavery in America, 1791-1859 : the melancholy effect of popular excitement
The Cassell dictionary of regrettable quotations
WASP of the Ferry Command : women pilots, uncommon deeds
A culture of engagement : law, religion, and morality
The Chicago Freedom Movement : Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights activism in the north
Alben Barkley : a life in politics
Murrow's Cold War : public diplomacy for the Kennedy administration
The pocket-size God : essays from Notre Dame Magazine
Playing war : wargaming and U.S. Navy preparations for World War II
Citizen of a wider commonwealth : Ulysses S. Grant's postpresidential diplomacy
Origins of commercial banking in America, 1750-1800
Archaeology in South Carolina : exploring the hidden heritage of the Palmetto State
The human rights state : justice within and beyond sovereign nations
Claiming place : on the agency of Hmong women
Spectacular suffering : witnessing slavery in the eighteenth-century British Atlantic
Key concepts in modern Indian studies
Stand up and fight : participatory indigenismo, populism, and mobilization in Mexico, 1970-1984
Belonging in Genesis : biblical Israel and the politics of identity formation
French Mediterraneans : transnational and imperial histories
The mutual cultivation of self and things : a contemporary Chinese philosophy of the meaning of being
A Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism reader
Rights remembered : a Salish grandmother speaks on American Indian history and the future
Dangerous doctrine : how Obama's grand strategy weakened America
Renaissance posthumanism
Identity and the second generation : how children of immigrants find their space
The life of Ten Bears : Comanche historical narratives
My brother slaves : friendship, masculinity, and resistance in the antebellum south
Johannes Brahms : life and letters
American by paper : how documents matter in immigrant literacy
The terms of order : political science and the myth of leadership
Mom, Inc. : taking your work skills home
Suddenly single : money skills for divorcées and widows
Organize your home office : simple routines for setting up an office at home
A universal theory of pottery production : Irving Rouse, attributes, modes, and ethnography
Primary politics : everything you need to know about how America nominates its presidential candidates
Insurance for dummies
India at the global high table : the quest for regional primacy and strategic autonomy
Spheres of intervention : US foreign policy and the collapse of Lebanon, 1967-1976
Before the Gregorian reform : the Latin Church at the turn of the first millennium
The Enlightenment of Cadwallader Colden : empire, science, and intellectual culture in British New York
Making immigrant rights real : nonprofits and the politics of integration in San Francisco
The Gumilev mystique : biopolitics, Eurasianism, and the construction of community in modern Russia
Huaorani transformations in twenty-first-century Ecuador : treks into the future of time
The $13 trillion question : how America manages its debt
Five rising democracies : and the fate of the international liberal order
Charcoal and blood : Italian immigrants in Eureka, Nevada, and the Fish Creek Massacre
The pastelist's year : painting the four seasons in pastel
Making the heartland quilt : a geographical history of settlement and migration in early-nineteenth-century Illinois
Notorious John Morrissey : how a bare-knuckle brawler became a congressman and founded Saratoga Race Course
Essays on Plato's epistemology
Religious crisis and civic transformation : how conflicts over gender and sexuality changed the West German Catholic Church
Modern Orthodox Judaism : a documentary history
Bushwhackers : guerrilla warfare, manhood, and the household in Civil War Missouri
Pola woman
Comrade Baron : a journey through the vanishing world of the Transylvanian aristocracy
Are all the women still white? : rethinking race, expanding feminisms
In divided unity : Haudenosaunee reclamation at Grand River
Muslim youth and the 9/11 generation
The dealmakers of downstate Illinois : Paul Powell, Clyde L. Choate, John H. Stelle
Inanimation : theories of inorganic life
What gender is, what gender does
Walter Benjamin and theology
Crossing the Rubicon : the borderlands of philosophy and theology
Northern character : college-educated New Englanders, honor, nationalism, and leadership in the Civil War era
Whiskey River Ranger : the Old West life of Baz Outlaw
Success depends on the animals : emigrants, livestock, and wild animals on the Overland Trails, 1840-1869
Beyond integration : the black freedom struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980
Engines of diplomacy : Indian trading factories and the negotiation of American empire
Yearning to belong : Malaysia's Indian Muslims, Chitties, Portuguese Eurasians, Peranakan Chinese, and Baweanese
Jesus' Abba : the God who has not failed
Down in the valley : an introduction to African American religious history
Healing the schism : Barth, Rosenzweig, and the new Jewish-Christian encounter
Impassioned life : reason and emotion in the Christian tradition
Luther and liberation : a Latin American perspective
Sarah Coakley and the future of systematic theology
Paul's eschatological anthropology : the dynamics of human transformation
Stars beneath us : finding God in the evolving cosmos
The cultural life setting of the Proverbs
God and cosmology : William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll in dialogue
Reading the Bible with Richard Hooker
Telling tales about Jesus : an introduction to the New Testament Gospels
Accidental activists : victim movements and government accountability in Japan and South Korea
Writing Jewish culture : paradoxes in ethnography
Autism and post-traumatic stress disorder : ending autistic fixation
Living in the Ottoman realm : empire and identity, 13th to 20th centuries
A Jewish guide in the Holy Land : how Christian pilgrims made me Israeli
A framework for the good
Seams of empire : race and radicalism in Puerto Rico and the United States
Decolonizing the republic : African and Caribbean migrants in postwar Paris (1946-1974)
Civil rights and beyond : African American and Latino/a activism in the twentieth-century United States
The decision to attack : military and intelligence cyber decision-making
Alms : charity, reward, and atonement in early Christianity
Memories of two generations : a Yiddish life in Russia and Texas
City of neighborhoods : memory, folklore, and ethnic place in Boston
Russia's uncommon prophet : Father Aleksandr Men and his times
Postsecular Benjamin : agency and tradition
Staking claim : settler colonialism and racialization in Hawai'i
City in common : culture and community in Buenos Aires
Levinas's ethical politics
U.S.-China relations in strategic domains
The persistent revolution : history, nationalism, and politics in Mexico since 1968
What is the Bible? : the patristic doctrine of scripture
Jewish law from Jesus to the Mishnah : five studies
Correlating sobornost : conversations between Karl Barth and the Russian Orthodox tradition
Walking in love : moral progress and spiritual growth with the Apostle Paul / J. Paul Sampley.
The practical prophet : Bishop Ronald O. Hall of Hong Kong and his legacies
Ponderings : Black notebooks
Wolfhounds and polar bears : the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia, 1918-1920
Coming of age in Jewish America : bar and bat mitzvah reinterpreted
Aid under fire : nation building and the Vietnam War
Battlefield surgeon : life and death on the front lines of World War II
Eisenhower and Cambodia : diplomacy, covert action, and the origins of the Second Indochina War
Exploring cause and explanation : historical ecology, demography, and movement in the American Southwest
Imagining Tombstone : the town too tough to die
American airpower strategy in World War II : bombs, cities, civilians, and oil
From slave to statesman : the life of educator, editor, and civil rights activist Willis M. Carter of Virginia
Complicity and moral accountability
Becoming southern writers : essays in honor of Charles Joyner
Jonah and the meaning of our lives : a verse-by-verse contemporary commentary
To come to a better understanding : medicine men and clergy meetings on the Rosebud Reservation, 1973-1978
Unsettled Americans : metropolitan context and civic leadership for immigrant integration
New Deal archaeology in Tennessee : intellectual, methodological, and theoretical contributions
Nationalizing France's Army : foreign, Black, and Jewish troops in the French military, 1715-1831
Theodore Roosevelt, conservation, and the 1908 Governors' Conference
The Red River Bridge War : a Texas-Oklahoma border battle
The fightin' Texas Aggie defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
On the true sense of art : a critical companion to the Transfigurements of John Sallis
The birth of theater from the spirit of philosophy : Nietzsche and the modern drama
Olympic games
See you in the streets : art, action, and remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Power and change in Iran : politics of contention and conciliation
Civil society, conflict resolution, and democracy in Nigeria
Interpreters of occupation : gender and the politics of belonging in an Iraqi refugee network
Minorities and the modern Arab world : new perspectives
Buddhism and the transformation of old age in medieval Japan
Priestly celibacy : theological foundations
Because of Eva : a Jewish genealogical journey
The Rev. J. W. Loguen, as a slave and as a freeman : a narrative of real life, including previously uncollected letters
Who are these people anyway?
Primed for violence : murder, antisemitism, and democratic politics in interwar Poland
Reimagining Pan-Africanism : distinguished Mwalimu Nyerere lecture series 2009-2013 : Wole Soyinka, Samir Amin, Bereket Habte Selassie, Mi��cere Gi��thae Mu��g...
Race and class in the colonial Bahamas : 1880-1960
Native American nationalism and nation re-building : past and present cases
Spider web : the birth of American anticommunism
Seeking good debate : religion, science, and conflict in American public life
To be cared for : the power of conversion and foreignness of belonging in an Indian slum
Horace Poolaw, photographer of American Indian modernity
Spanish legacies : the coming of age of the second generation
Learning love from a tiger : religious experiences with nature
Unsettled : denial and belonging among white Kenyans
Margins of the market : trafficking and capitalism across the Arabian Sea
How big should our government be?
Sustaining conflict : apathy and domination in Israel-Palestine
One hundred million philosophers : Science of Thought and the culture of democracy in postwar Japan
Sea rovers, silver, and samurai : maritime East Asia in global history, 1550-1700
The uprooted : race, children, and imperialism in French Indochina, 1890-1980
Divided lenses : screen memories of war in East Asia
Returned : going and coming in an age of deportation
Consensual violence : sex, sports, and the politics of injury
Classifying Christians : ethnography, heresiology, and the limits of knowledge in Late Antiquity
Constantine and the captive Christians of Persia : martyrdom and religious identity in Late Antiquity
Edmund Burke and the conservative logic of empire
The Red Sea : in search of lost space
Incorruptible bodies : Christology, society, and authority in late antiquity
The 1728 Musin Rebellion : politics and plotting in eighteenth-century Korea
Mothers' darlings of the South Pacific : the children of indigenous women and US servicemen, World War II
Domination and resistance : the United States and the Marshall Islands during the Cold War
Working towards the monarchy : the politics of space in downtown Bangkok
Demythologizing Pure Land Buddhism : Yasuda Rijin and the Shin Buddhist tradition
Apocalyptic anxiety : religion, science and America's obsession with the end of the world
Political theory and the animal/human relationship
Figures of memory : the rhetoric of displacement at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
From Wounded Knee to Checkpoint Charlie : the alliance for sovereignty between American Indians and Central Europeans in the late Cold War
Three roads to Magdalena : coming of age in a Southwest borderland, 1890-1990
The Saratoga Campaign : uncovering an embattled landscape
Manufactured light : mirrors in the Mesoamerican realm
China in the era of Xi Jinping : domestic and foreign policy challenges
The world and all the things upon it : native Hawaiian geographies of exploration
Democratic religion from Locke to Obama : faith and the civic life of democracy
Too great a burden to bear : the struggle and failure of the Freedmen's Bureau in Texas
Winning elections in the 21st century
The Garden of Eden : the story of a freedman's community in Tarrant County Texas
The Holocaust in Hungary : seventy years later
The Jesuits and globalization : historical legacies and contemporary challenges
Looking back on the Vietnam War : twenty-first century perspectives
Amiable scoundrel : Simon Cameron, Lincoln's scandalous Secretary of War
Southeast Asian affairs 2016
Russia's home front in war and revolution, 1914-22. Book 2, The experience of war and revolution
The new African civil-military relations
Podemos : in the name of the people
What colonialism ignored : 'African potentials' for resolving conflicts in southern Africa
Compagnon! : journal d'un noussi en guerre : 2002-2011
Effectiveness of anti-corruption agencies in East Africa : Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
Election management bodies in East Africa : a comparative study of the contribution of electoral commissions to the strengthening of democracy
Remembering Julius Nyerere in Tanzania : history, memory, legacy
We will always be here : native peoples on living and thriving in the South
Making Los Angeles home : the integration of Mexican immigrants in the United States
The Athenian Adonia in context : the Adonis festival as cultural practice
American shame : stigma and the body politic
Threads of empire : loyalty and tsarist authority in Bashkiria, 1552-1917
Emptiness and omnipresence : an essential introduction to Tiantai Buddhism
The British Army of the Rhine : turning Nazi enemies into Cold War partners
The Civil War on the Mississippi : Union sailors, gunboat captains, and the campaign to control the river
Hope for common ground : mediating the personal and the political in a divided church
Johnson's Island : a prison for Confederate officers
Lincoln's generals' wives : four women who influenced the Civil War-for better and for worse
The Lincoln assassination riddle : revisiting the crime of the nineteenth century
A saga of the New South : race, law, and public debt in Virginia
The risen phoenix : Black politics in the post-Civil War south
Season of infamy : a diary of war and occupation, 1939-1945
Adele Briscoe Looscan : Daughter of the Republic
The mark of rebels : indios fronterizos and Mexican independence
Jefferson, Lincoln, and the unfinished work of the nation
Urban citizenship and American democracy
Immanuel Kant : the very idea of a Critique of pure reason
Grand Hotel Abyss : desire, recognition and the restoration of the subject
Gathering at Silver Glen : community and history in late archaic Florida
Escaping jurassic government : how to recover America's lost commitment to competence
White sand, black beach : civil rights, public space, and Miami's Virginia Key
Sin, forgiveness, and reconciliation : Christian and Muslim perspectives : a record of the Thirteenth Building Bridges Seminar hosted by Georgetown University ...
Diaspora and trust : Cuba, Mexico, and the rise of China
The Ghana Reader : History, Culture, Politics
The brink of freedom : improvising life in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world
Killing machine : the American Presidency in the age of drone warfare
Hope draped in black : race, melancholy, and the agony of progress
Africa in the Indian imagination : race and the politics of postcolonial citation
Satan & Salem : the witch-hunt crisis of 1692
White innocence : paradoxes of colonialism and race
Africa in the Indian imagination : race and the politics of postcolonial citation
Beyond the whiteness of whiteness : memoir of a white mother of black sons
Exiled home : Salvadoran transnational youth in the aftermath of violence
Plastic bodies : sex hormones and menstrual suppression in Brazil
The sublime perversion of capital : Marxist theory and the politics of history in modern Japan
Undoing monogamy : the politics of science and the possibilities of biology
Migration and the making of industrial Sao Paulo
Dalit studies
The feminist bookstore movement : lesbian antiracism and feminist accountability
Tourist distractions : traveling and feeling in transnational Hallyu cinema
Critical ethnic studies : a reader
The brain's body : neuroscience and corporeal politics
Cold War anthropology : the CIA, the Pentagon, and the growth of dual use anthropology
The geographies of social movements : Afro-Colombian mobilization and the aquatic space
The voice and its doubles : media and music in Northern Australia
Memorializing Pearl Harbor : unfinished histories and the work of remembrance
Metabolic living : food, fat and the absorption of illness in India
The official world
Metrics : what counts in global health
Negotiated moments : improvisation, sound, and subjectivity
Travel & see : Black diaspora art practices since the 1980s
Alien capital : Asian racialization and the logic of settler colonial capitalism
What is a world? : on postcolonial literature as world literature
Moral economies of corruption : state formation and political culture in Nigeria
Crossroads of freedom : slaves and freed people in Bahia, Brazil, 1870-1910
White innocence : paradoxes of colonialism and race
Motherless tongues : the insurgency of language amid wars of translation
The chicken and the quetzal : incommensurate ontologies and portable values in Guatemala's cloud forest
Remote avant-garde : aboriginal art under occupation
Revolution and its narratives : China's socialist literary and cultural imaginaries (1949-1966)
Domesticating organ transplant : familial sacrifice and national aspiration in Mexico
Indonesian notebook : a sourcebook on Richard Wright and the Bandung Conference
Visionary pragmatism : radical and ecological democracy in neoliberal times
Bioinsecurities : disease interventions, empire, and the government of species
A century of violence in a red city : popular struggle, counterinsurgency, and human rights in Colombia
Owners of the sidewalk : security and survival in the informal city
Making refuge : Somali Bantu refugees and Lewiston, Maine
Sexual states : governance and the decriminalization of sodomy in India's present
Junot Di��az and the decolonial imagination
Ingenious citizenship : recrafting democracy for social change
The Ghana reader : history, culture, politics
Every last tie : the story of the Unabomber and his family
Tropical renditions : making musical scenes in Filipino America
Moral economies of corruption : state formation and political culture in Nigeria
Ingenious citizenship : recrafting democracy for social change
Making refuge : Somali Bantu refugees and Lewiston, Maine
Exiled home : Salvadoran transnational youth in the aftermath of violence
The minor gesture
Biocultural creatures : toward a new theory of the human
Indonesian notebook : a sourcebook on Richard Wright and the Bandung Conference
The chicken and the quetzal : incommensurate ontologies and portable values in Guatemala's cloud forest
Visionary pragmatism : radical and ecological democracy in neoliberal times
Ink against the devil : Luther and his opponents
Making sense in religious studies : a student's guide to research and writing
If you can keep it : the forgotten promise of American liberty
Memorializing Pearl Harbor : unfinished histories and the work of remembrance
Disciplinary conquest : U.S. scholars in South America, 1900-1945
A century of violence in a red city : popular struggle, counterinsurgency, and human rights in Colombia
U.S. national debate topic, 2016-2017 : U.S.-China relations
PACs, super PACs, and fundraising
Within language, beyond theories. Volume 1, Studies in theoretical linguistics
Empires and Encounters : 1350-1750
Contemporary Black biography. Volume 132 : profiles from the international Black community.
Unreasonable histories : nativism, multiracial lives, and the genealogical imagination in British Africa
Ratf**ked : the true story behind the secret plan to steal America's democracy
Urban villages and local identities : Germans from Russia, Omaha Indians, and Vietnamese in Lincoln, Nebraska
Nixon's nuclear specter : the secret alert of 1969, madman diplomacy, and the Vietnam War
Black Power 50
Hero of the empire : the Boer War, a daring escape and the making of Winston Churchill
Oh, Florida! : how America's weirdest state influences the rest of the country
We wanted workers : unraveling the immigration narrative
The book of Isaias : a child of Hispanic immigrants seeks his own America
Who governs? : presidents, public opinion, and manipulation
Tax reform with the 20/20 tax : the quest for a fair and rational tax system
Citizen sailors : becoming American in the age of revolution
Why elections fail
The new immigration federalism
Knocking the hustle : against the neoliberal turn in black politics
Contemporary Black biography. Volume 133 : profiles from the international Black community.
The Black Panthers : portraits from an unfinished revolution
Encoding race, encoding class : Indian IT workers in Berlin
From Washington to Moscow : US-Soviet relations and the collapse of the USSR
Blood at the root : a racial cleansing in America
Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education
Douglas MacArthur : American warrior
Whirlwind : the American Revolution and the war that won it
Dream a world anew : the African American experience and the shaping of America
Northmen : the Viking saga, AD 793-1241
Uprooted : the Japanese American experience during World War II
Towards the "other America" : anti-racist resources for White people taking action for Black Lives Matter
Cold War ruins : Transpacific critique of American justice and Japanese war crimes
Third World studies : theorizing liberation
Nation within : the history of the American occupation of Hawai'i
Traditional weavers of Guatemala : their stories, their lives
Saving Alex : when I was fifteen I told my Mormon parents I was gay, and that's when my nightmare began
Katrina : after the flood
American revolutions : a continental history, 1750-1804
The wars of gods and men
Aphrodite and the rabbis : how the Jews adapted Roman culture to create Judaism as we know it
She stood for freedom : the untold story of a civil rights hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland
Every falling star : the true story of how I survived and escaped North Korea
Jefferson's America : the President, the purchase, and the explorers who transformed a nation
A short history of the church of England : from the reformation to the present day
Minorities, Women, and the State in North Africa
Let us now praise famous gullies : Providence Canyon and the soils of the South
Hacking the electorate : how campaigns perceive voters
Gramsci's common sense : inequality and its narratives
American treasures : the secret efforts to save the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address
The 12th planet
Nation on the take : how big money corrupts our democracy and what we can do about it
Campaign trends and election law
The pursuit of power : Europe 1815-1914
The hungry mind : the origins of curiosity in childhood
The six : the lives of the Mitford sisters
Swami in a strange land : how Krishna came to the West : the biography of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
The conquering tide : war in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944
Table manners : how to behave in the modern world and why bother
The borders of Dominicanidad : race, nation, and archives of contradiction
Waves of knowing : a seascape epistemology
Duress : imperial durabilities in our times
In the wake : on Blackness and being
No tea, no shade : new writings in Black queer studies
Nine essential things I've learned about life
Victoria the queen : an intimate biography of the woman who ruled an empire
The Nixon tapes : 1973
Worrying : a literary and cultural history
Battling the gods : atheism in the ancient world
The end of tsarist Russia : the march to world war I and revolution
Salvation with a smile : Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, and American Christianity
The Holocaust : history and memory
On the move : changing mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. migration

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