Recently Added Items: Children's Literature

Seeds of freedom : the peaceful integration of Huntsville, Alabama
The amazing age of John Roy Lynch
Untamed : the wild life of Jane Goodall
Sitting Bull : Lakota warrior and defender of his people
Thunder Boy Jr.
Freedom in Congo Square
The dead bird
It's Ramadan, Curious George
Coretta Scott King
Echo echo : reverso poems about Greek myths
National Geographic Kids everything Vikings
Snappsy the alligator : "did not ask to be in this book!"
The rain wizard : the amazing, mysterious, true life of Charles Mallory Hatfield
Olinguito, de la A a la Z! : descubriendo el bosque nublado = Olinguito, from A to Z! : unveiling the cloud forest
The Jerrie Mock story : the first woman to fly solo around the world
Jazz day : the making of a famous photograph
One day, the end : short, very short, shorter-than-ever stories
Crane Boy
Sydney & Simon : going green!
The seeds of friendship
Mission : sea turtle rescue : all about sea turtles and how to save them
Shadow Catcher : how Edward S. Curtis documented American Indian dignity and beauty
Poet : the remarkable story of George Moses Horton
Alia Muhammad Baker : saving a library from war
Passenger on the Pearl : the true story of Emily Edmonson's flight from slavery
One plastic bag : Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia
Really rotten truth about composting
Poop is power!
Edible sunlight
Full of Beans
Mama the alien
Rules of the house
Giant squid
Inside your insides : a guide to the microbes that call you home

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