Facilities Use Guidelines


The BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections is not a general study area
Signs are posted notifying the public that the Archives Reading Room is not available for general study. Those patrons not conducting specific Archives and Special Collections research will be asked to leave. Patrons may visit the department at any time during its regular hours of operation without an appointment. However an appointment is highly advisable when the patron wishes to conduct research.


Visiting BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections and Using Materials

Researchers may visit BROWARD COLLEGE Archives during regularly scheduled hours of operation (Monday through Friday 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.) However, to facilitate your needs, we suggest that you make an appointment to use the resources of the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections. Appointments may be made by contacting the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives Librarian [954 201 6577]

Research appointments are usually scheduled Monday through Friday between
12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. depending on the availability of the staff. 



The material housed in the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections does not circulate. In rare instances if an item does leave the department, it is solely at the discretion of the Special Collections and Archives Librarian.

All patrons entering the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections area will be provided with a secure locker in which to store their possessions (book bags, briefcases, knapsacks etc.) while conducting research. Patrons are allowed only allowed access to the Reception and Reading Room. Only paper, pencil and a laptop are permitted into the Reading Room.

For security purposes these rules are strictly enforced.


Research via Mail, Email and Telephone

BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections are under no obligation to provide services to those researchers who are unable to personally visit the collections. Due to budgetary and staffing constraints it is virtually impossible to handle all mail, email and telephone requests. We suggest the researcher visit the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections in order to expedite their research needs. Also due to the fragile nature of most of the items, BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections, under its photocopying, scanning and reproduction of material policy, is unable to fulfill requests for photocopies of materials.




Photocopying, Scanning and Reproduction of Material

Most of the items in the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections are not suitable for photocopying or scanning due to their fragile nature and because of the need to preserve them from light and other environmental conditions. Because many items in the collection are irreplaceable or very fragile, materials must be used within the Special Collections reading area, where only paper, pencils and personal laptops are allowed to be used. We suggest that you prepare to copy by hand the information you need instead of relying on photocopying. Electrical outlets are provided to supply power for personal laptops.


When photocopying or scanning is absolutely necessary, we will be happy to accommodate the request within a minimum 24 hour period, depending on the amount of copying requested and the availability of staff.


There is a charge in the rare instance when material is copied or scanned.

In order to facilitate collection development and for security, the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives and Special Collections asks visitors to fill out a Researcher Registration Form. 


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