Collection Developmentfor Special Collections at the University/ College Library

Philosophy, Mission, Collection Policy and Procedures on material retained in the Collections


Special Collections Philosophy and Mission


While the Special Collections department is not primarily an art museum, we do recognize that original and reproduction artifacts may be appropriate in selected instances as support of curriculum and collection goals. We strongly believe that artifacts serve several positive purposes.

Artifacts may be added as part of the collection in support of manuscript collections or for other subject reasons, they may support Special Collectionís functions of enhancing scholarship with original materials.


Artifacts within the department also create a visual distinction that enhances the overall aesthetics, usable atmosphere and impression of the space itself.As a public facility and as a primary facility that visitorís tour, it is important to project interesting visual space.


Based on Library collection policies Special Collections artifacts fulfillthe Collegeísmission of service to South Florida. While protection and preservation of any artifacts is an important component of our efforts, please note that we are not an art museum with its corresponding greater responsibilities in these areas.

Artifacts may also be received as an incidental part of donations of funds or gifts in kind for materials desired by the Library.

Special Collections Collection Targets


University/College Library will collect artifacts in support of support the curriculum and mission of BCC. If artifacts enhance the biographical, historical or visual emphasis of a particular collection and naturally fit into an existing collection, it will be considered for acquisition.


Sample types of artifacts include memorabilia given to the College, gifts from dignitaries given to the College, busts, and collections of artifacts such as shells for educational use.The Archives and Special Collections area may receive these type items and control those that are retained in the Library.They will receive the same level of identification where possible as museum artifacts.


University/College Library will collect artifacts to enhance the visual nature of the BCC Archives and Special Collections Department both in an educational and visual design model.


Artifacts may be reproductions or originals based on funding available and gifts received.


Special Collections Decision Processes


The decision on accepting or purchasing gifts rests with the Dean of the Library and the Special Collections and Archival Librarian. This is the same policy as it relates to books, manuscripts, and other formats that are given to University/College Library.The college development department and the BCC Foundation may be consulted on significant gifts of value and on any gifts with implications for the College as a whole.


Placement of items in the collection will be the responsibility of the Special Collections and Archival Librarian.


As the Library increases its holdings of artifacts, there may be concern that Library spaces will become completely full.To insure flexibility for the College and Library, as it may receive significant collections and highly valued collections in the future, and to insure variation for the Library, we have designed a tiered method of retention/rotation for Library holdings.


  1. The first tier category is works that are collected for Special Collections purposes. These will remain under the Libraryís care permanently but may not be housed permanently in the Library. The Library will work with the College to ensure that the items will be made visible with proper protection as much as possible for public viewing. Some materials may be shown rarely and then tied to special displays, for their protection. The collection growth will be dictated by faculty changes, historic gifts and collection development needs of the Library.
  2. The second tier category is artifacts housed in remote storage in an area designated by the college. The Library will retain inventory control of these items and will work with the College and academic departments on the display and use of the items. Due to their size or unsuitability these items will not ever be housed in the Library.


Special Collections is responsible for the computer database system to keep track of artifacts.In addition, Special Collections will work on expanding this digital inventory to the complete campus in support of its mission of College mission. Special Collections will continue its policy of protection and preservation to protect the artifacts from deterioration while still maintaining our primary functions as a Library. In addition, we will look for digital and physical opportunities to assist BCC in promoting and sharing the artifacts in the collection.