BROWARD COLLEGE Archives: To Collect Preserve Protect

What is the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives? What is its Mission and Purpose?


The BROWARD COLLEGE Archives serves as the official memory of the institution known today as Broward Community College. The primary mission of the BROWARD COLLEGE Archives is to collect, preserve and protect historical material related to and produced by Broward Community College. Material related to or produced as a joint venture between Broward Community College and another institution qualifies for inclusion also.


Why have an Archive?

When community or junior colleges first gained nationwide prominence after WWII, they filled a vital need in the education of a new post-war culture. As college became an attainable goal for many people, the junior or community college took on the important task of training people for needed vocations or those changing careers.


The community college student population was non-traditional, with life experience and a willingness to take on new challenges. The fluid nature of the community college provided a more immediate response to the needs of the non-traditional student than the traditional college or university. The community college was the bridge to a new ever-changing technologically advanced way of life. Community colleges were there to train returning GIs, re-train women re-entering the workforce and preparing those planning to go on to four year institutions and universities.


Because of the immediacy and quick response to change, not much thought was given to recording the legacy being created by these vital organizations. But now, as many community colleges approach their 50 year anniversaries or other milestones, there is reason to reflect and honor the accomplishments that have been attained at community colleges.


They’ve been around for a while now, they are here to stay, they provide an essential service to their communities. They have alumni, they have a history. The archive is the memory of an institution, preserving the past while providing students, alumni, faculty and the public an opportunity to examine the papers and memorabilia that document the relationship between the South Florida community and BROWARD COLLEGE.


The Archives also serve another purpose. As the BROWARD COLLEGE has continued to grow for the past 40 years, so has the number of its successful alumni. The archives can be utilized by the college as another avenue for alumni to donate material and stay involved with BROWARD COLLEGE, long after graduation. The Archives serves as the institutional memory of the alumni in addition to the college.


What type of material is collected?

Collected material may include, but is not limited to:

Papers (faculty and administrative); Official Institutional Documents; Budgets, Year End Reports, Newspapers, Newsletters; Publications, Student Publications, Posters, Promotional Materials, Ephemera, Artifacts and Objects, Photographs, Photographic Slides, Artwork, Electronic Media (CDs Videos and DVDs)  Documents created by BROWARD COLLEGE Alumni and donated to the Archives; Yearbooks and Annuals; Annual Reports, Programs, Photographic Film and Negatives; Promotional Material, Blueprints; Building Plans and Renderings; Tangible Gifts given to the College that may or may not have monetary value but need to be housed safely (articles of clothing, household decorative art, press clipping scrapbooks).


How is material collected?

The Special Collections and Archival Librarian acts as the liaison between the donor and the collection. When faculty retire, when departments move, when old buildings are replaced or reused the librarian works to acquire the material. Word of mouth communication is vital and many collections make their way to the Archives because someone heard “that there is a place in the library that is collecting all the old stuff”


Do the Archives Collect Everything?

NO. BROWARD COLLEGE Archives does not administer the Records Management Program for Broward Community College and hence does not collect and archive those documents that are mandated by the state of Florida to be held by an institution. It is not responsible for the maintenance and disposal of the University's non-historical record (business records, student records). The State of Florida has a legislatively mandated Records Management Program and BROWARD COLLEGE is bound by law to follow the guidelines set out in the General Records Schedules GS5 for University / Community College Records and the General Records Schedule GS1 for State and Local Government Records, published by the Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management .These schedules provide information on records retention, and the destruction of records.


Who uses the Archives?

The items in the Archives are for everyone to use- students, faculty, the public. Alumni may access the material.


How does the Archives fit into the BROWARD COLLEGE culture?

The Archives acts as the institutional memory of BROWARD COLLEGE, collecting material systematically. It is the place to go to learn about BROWARD COLLEGE and to gain an understanding of the relationship between BROWARD COLLEGE, its students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.


Where is the Archives located?

The BROWARD COLLEGE Archives is located on the 4th floor of the University/ College Library on Central Campus.